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Brings you the latest News and Updates on Philippines Basketball, Gilas Pilipinas, PBA, MPBL, UAAP, NCAA, CESAFI, NCRAA and more. The Philippine Basketball News Team is a standalone sports news website focused on basketball, the nation's favorite sport. We deliver news online covering local cage leagues and international hoops tournaments where the Philippines are part of.

The Philippine Basketball News Team is published exclusively by the Word Media Group with office address at U1206 12th Floor The Trade & Financial Tower 7th Avenue and 32nd Street, BGC Taguig City Metro Manila 1634 Philippines.

The Philippine Basketball Team Website (formerly philippinebasketballteam.it.tt) spearheaded the campaign to urge FIBA to reinstate the Philippines back to international basketball competitions in 2005. Online user "errektus" conceptualized the signature campaign in 2005. The campaign was a call to inform FIBA to lift the suspension of the Philippine Basketball Team and inform Filipino fans of the dilemma Philippine Basketball faced. It was also launched to serve as inspiration to national team players as a whole.

Incorporating the campaign, Rock Punzalan (THE11thROCK) initially built an informative basketball website as a subdomain from his online forum (Project Alpha Forums) and later to a domain of its own - philippinebasketballteam.com. FIBA later permitted Philippine Basketball to rejoin international competition by early 2007.

The Philippine Basketball Team branched to two online portals, the Pilipinas Basketball History site and the Philippine Basketball News Team site. The former chronicles records, trivia, and history of Filipino basketball, while the latter serves as a relevant and independent basketball news platform. Both websites have been providing free information to Filipino readers since 2005.
Editor - Resident Writer - Rock Punzalan

Rock Punzalan has been an online writer and web content creator since 2005. He is also the Founder of Word Media Group, a startup online news media organization and web content provider. As a video games journalist, he is presently a member of the international organization - Games Press. He was formerly active as moderator of several international sports forums (e.g. InterBasket). A webmaster by profession, he's passionate with PC gaming, games modding and sports writing. He also goes by his online name - THE11thROCK and writes for Pinoy Search Network, Tera Blitz and Vital Health Club among others.

Email Address: the11throck@gmail.com
Website: eleventhrock.com
Facebook: facebook.com/the11throck
Past Members and Contributors
Honorary Member - Ryan Maniago aka Errektus
Honorary Member - RetiredJordanStopper aka Soffiedog
Honorary Member - Jay P. Mercado
Honorary Member - Art Garcia
Honorary Contributor - John Lucas Reyes aka Riverspoon
Honorary Contributor - J-fox/J-diddy
Honorary Contributor - Vincent Ungria aka Hard_hitter64
Honorary Contributor - IraBookMan
Honorary Contributor - Bobo81
Honorary Contributor - Rodel Gaca

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